Wednesday, 17 June 2015

#TRENDMEN - Outfit Of The Day

Winter has finally arrived and there is no better excuse to bring out the overcoats, jerseys and scarves than a good old-fashioned Johannesburg cold snap.  Winter is the time to play with heavier fabrics and our favourite cold-weather friend - layering.  However, it would take a lot more than winter to make us dispense with colour.

For today's look Alan reached for his trusty corduroys, while
Krishen sported his favourite Gucci sweater.

Krishen accessorised his look with an oversized bright scarf.
Alan covered up with his well-worn double-breasted overcoat.

Winter can certainly be a great time for
dressing.  Although layering is essential to
keep out the cold, it can also be fun!

Outfit recap :

Shirt                          Ralph Lauren
Trousers                  Ackermans
Overcoat                 Jet
Jersey                      Woolworths
Tie                             Morris of Stockholm
Socks                        Paul Smith
Shoes                       Oriental Plaza

Sweater                   Gucci
Trousers                 Markham
Scarf                        Stuttafords
Socks                       Happy Socks from Stuttafords
Shoes                       Tosoni from Spitz              

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